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Town Square Dubai Apartments For Sale

Town Square Dubai Apartments For Sale

Even though Town Square Dubai by Nashma Developer is currently under construction, numerous retail establishments, public facilities, and services are already in place. This is one of Dubai’s most sought-after and well-liked neighbourhoods because to its precisely designed developments and well-maintained outdoor and green areas.

Townhouses for rent are in high demand in Dubai’s Town Square Dubai, a residential development by Nshama Group that covers 154,000 square meters. 16 gardens as well as a system of running, walking, and cycling pathways can be found throughout the neighbourhood. The gated neighbourhood is close to renowned institutions like Fair Green International School and Jebel Ali School and provides a wide variety of recreational amenities and parks. Additionally, residents have access to shopping malls, amusement areas, and community centres.13 sub-projects make up the 1.6 million square foot area known as Town Square, which includes neighbourhoods of townhouses and low-rise apartment complexes encircled by tropical gardens. With many parks and services, it fosters a sense of community and belonging beyond merely housing.

Freehold property Town Square Dubai in Dubai provides non-residents with accessible investment alternatives. It is simple to buy or rent flats or villas since the property can be rented for 90 days and handed on to heirs. Due to the rising demand for residential and commercial spaces, the development’s ideal location close to Al Barsha and Dubai Motor City offers excellent returns on investment (ROI). The neighborhood’s attractions, which include parks, walking and biking paths, and green areas, encourage leading a healthy lifestyle. Apartments are predicted to appreciate by 6% yearly, which is a strong rate of capital appreciation. Due to its close proximity to job centres, colleges and universities, and other amenities, Town Square Dubai’s rental market is booming and there is an abundance of availability for rental apartments.

Dubai Town Square Highlights

Ideally situated close to Al Barsha and Dubai Motor City

Real Estate Types

Townhouses, condominiums, and villas
Popular Residences
Apartments at Zahra
Boulevard Hayat
Apartments in Rawda


sports fields, parks, gyms, and swimming pools

24-hour security in a gated neighbourhood


nearby educational institutions like Gems Founders School

Retail Stores

Town Square Mall, Town Square Park, and shopping malls

Payment Schemes

Flexible terms for investors and purchasers

Grassy Areas

landscaped grounds, parks, and natural areas

Top Properties Offered In Town Square Dubai Apartments For Sale
Aria at Town Square Dubai

Configurations:1, 2 & 3 BR Apartments

The opulent NSHAMA Aria at Town Square Dubai provides a beautiful living environment next to the Town Square Park in Dubai. The project provides a range of apartment types with opulent interiors and contemporary floor designs, fusing luxury and modern architecture. From every story, residents may take in panoramic views of the city skyline and Dubai’s splendour. The development has first-rate features including beautiful gardens, a swimming pool, play spaces, and retail stores. NSHAMA Aria is more reasonably priced than other home developments in Dubai and is situated close to well-known shopping areas. Residents of the community may also enjoy a water park and green spaces. Different floor plans are available in the building, including opulent residences with larger balconies and plush amenities. The NSHAMA Aria is the ideal option for those seeking a serene lifestyle in Dubai’s Town Square Park.

NSHAMA The Mayfair

Configurations: Studio, 1, 2 & 3 BR Apartments & Duplexes

This Dubai residential complex provides duplex flats with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms, all with contemporary exteriors and interiors. It has contemporary facilities including a BBQ area, park, gardens, and an outdoor gym. There is a good vibe created by the lush surroundings and lots of vegetation. The floor concept features three types of roomy flats. NSHAMA The Mayfair is conveniently close to social amenities and metro facilities because of its location next to Al Qudra Road in Town Square, Dubai. 10% is due at the time of booking, and 40% is due throughout construction. A number of metro stations are conveniently close to the construction.

Due to its alluring surroundings and water parks, which make it more alluring than other neighbourhoods in Dubai, Town Square Park is a highly sought-after residential neighbourhood in Dubai. Due to its accessibility, the development’s location may be reached with ease, as can other important districts in Dubai.

28 Min. International Airport of Dubai
29 Min. The Mall in Dubai
24 Min. Building al Arab
27 Min. Marina in Dubai
20 Min. 2020 District
25 Min. Airport DWC
31 Min. a palm tree
21 Min. Park for Dubai Investment

Nshama The Hamilton

Configurations: Studio, 1, 2 & 3 BR Apartments

The Hamilton by Nshama is a beautifully designed apartment community with a variety of upmarket facilities, where everything is thoughtfully designed to allow residents to experience a completely new level of lifestyle. Modern leisure activities, or indulgences as you can say, are masterfully arranged to provide citizens a more exciting quality of life.
It has Townsquare, an alluring address in Dubai that connects you to the city’s key locations. Al Maktoum Airport and Dubai International Airport are both conveniently located. The area is fantastic and teeming with institutions including schools, hospitals, cafes, food courts, and shopping centres.

Nshama The Regent Residences

Configurations: Studio, 1, 2 & 3 BR Apartments

A premium residential complex called The Regent Residences by Nshama in Town Square offers studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. It offers conveniences including outdoor areas, exercise centres, and pools for swimming. The complex is conveniently close to Town Square Park, as well as stores, dining establishments, parks, playgrounds for children, a skateboard and water park, as well as medical facilities, educational institutions, and mosques.

Investing In Town Square: Why?
Range of affordable properties.
Maximum ROI in Town Square neighbourhood: 6.6%.
Choose the largest recreational park.
Discover the largest artificial Desert Oasis.
The location is near to EXPO 2020.
Greater Community Property Type
Features At Town Sqaure Dubai

Nshama’s Town Square is a brand-new residential neighbourhood in Dubai that has opulent townhouses and luxurious flats. It provides easy access to other important locations of Dubai because it is close to Al Qudra Road.

The neighbourhood is separated into the contemporary residences of Noor Townhouses, Hayat Townhouses, Zahra Breeze Apartments,

Zahra Apartments, and Hayat Boulevard. Town Square is a family-friendly neighbourhood with first-rate amenities including kiddie pools, cutting-edge gyms, and jogging trails. The neighbourhood provides a calm, pleasant setting with plenty of vegetation and a well-established infrastructure. Parking places are readily available for residents, and public transit is only a 10-minute walk away.

A number of well-known attractions, including Al Qudra Lake, Dubai Miracle Garden, and Dubai Polo Equestrian Club, are also adjacent to the neighbourhood. The community also provides quick access to Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Mall of the Emirates.

Lack Factors In Town Square

Town Hall Dubai provides a suburban area that is less congested, noisy, and polluted but is still remote from the city’s major commercial and tourism areas. Business Bay and Dubai Internet City are conveniently placed less than a half-hour’s walk away and can be reached in more than 30 minutes.

However, people without vehicles may find it challenging to commute to and from work due to the shortage of a spot to park and public transportation near Town Square. Additionally, Town Square lacks amenities like hospitals, schools, and community centres that are conveniently located in nearby towns. Children from families can simply be dropped off at the neighbouring medical facilities and universities.

Optimal Investment With A High ROI

The finest investment itself is one of the main justifications for investing in real estate. In this suitable for families neighbourhood, most homebuyers are young married couples and families with small children. Due to the low rental costs and convenient location in Town Square, many tourists like short-term accommodations there.

In compared to other areas in Dubai, flats, villas, and townhouses may be purchased for relatively affordable rates. For instance, the starting price for Shams 3 & 4 Bed Townhouses in Town Square is AED 1.62 Million. This neighbourhood is the ideal choice for real estate investment if you take into account the location, cost, and potential for rental income. Townhouses and other freestanding constructions are available.

Amenties Available At Town Square
Swimming Pool
Jogging Track
Dining Area
Kid’s Play Area
Retail Outlets
Tennis Court
Parks & Leisure Areas
Cycling Track

Town Square Dubai is a residential neighbourhood with excellent connectivity, a variety of housing types, and open spaces. The 750-acre project, developed by Nshama Developers, is close to important districts and important road networks. It is anticipated to have around 2500 townhouses, over 17,000 flats, and 2.5 million square feet of retail space. The property provides opulent residences including Zahra, Safi, Rawda, Hayat Boulevard, and Zahra Breeze.

Town Square Dubai is a well-liked neighbourhood in Dubai noted for its opulent facilities and cutting-edge construction. With a wide range of amenities including restaurants, cafes, and parks, it provides comfort and convenience. It may be packed though, which would cause parking and traffic problems. Those with tight budgets could find it difficult to pay for housing, utilities, and daily necessities. Getting rooted in the community might be challenging due to its temporary nature. Despite these difficulties, Town Square Dubai offers a high level of living, contemporary facilities, and a convenient location, making it a desirable place to call home.

Is It A Smart Idea To Reside In Town Square?

Yes, it is an excellent spot to rent townhouses, and it is also regarded as the perfect neighbourhood for families looking for spacious homes, a tranquil setting, and nearby facilities and safety.It is an excellent spot to rent townhouses and is also regarded as the perfect neighbourhood for couples looking to live in spacious homes and discover a tranquil setting with plenty of vegetation, parks, services, and safety nearby.

It is an intelligent financial decision since the Town Square property has a 6.6% ROI, which is very fulfilling and productive. As a result, you get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to live in the greatest neighbourhood, where spacious homes, an abundance of conveniences, quiet surroundings, and other advantages make it accommodating to families location.

What Are The Advantage Of Living At Town Square Dubai?

Residents of Town Square in Dubai have a variety of housing options, a greater return on investment, and a tranquil environment with lush vegetation, spotless roads, and water features. The neighbourhood is great for families as it is close to parks, shops, restaurants, hospitals, and clinics. It also has a variety of parks available. The forthcoming debut of Vida Hotels offers a brand-new level of luxurious living.

What Distinguishes A Plaza From A Town Square?

Plazas are frequently made so that people may stroll or relax and take in their surroundings. They may be utilized for occasions and gatherings as well. Square: A square is a common type of open space that is usually bigger than a plaza and frequently has more formal or historical importance.

Town squares typically include small shops like bakeries, meat markets, cheese shops, and apparel stores all around them because they are in the centre of town. They frequently have a well, monument, statue, or other item in their centre. Fountain squares are frequently used to describe those containing fountains.

How Big Is Town Square In Square Feet?

Including the former Fry’s building, Town Square is 1.5 million square feet (140,000 m2). One of the 18-screen Rave Motion Pictures theatres, which later changed its name to AMC Theatres, was one of Town Square’s first anchor tenants. Borders, H&M, and Whole Foods Market have all served as anchors in the past.

What Is Advertising On The Town Square?

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