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EMAAR The Valley Villas For Sale

EMAAR The Valley Villas For Sale

Out of all, the most prestigious is EMAAR Properties. It was the true titan in the real estate industry who had redefined luxury living with premium community developments. One such development is EMAAR The Valley which boasts the best housing options on a vast expanse of land.

In this article, we will go through the e EMAAR The Valley’s community overview and what makes living here so advantageous. We will also discuss the top villas for sale in EMAAR The Valley . So, stay tuned!

EMAAR The Valley: Community Overview

EMAAR The Valley is a master-planned development by EMAAR Properties, the leader of the entire real estate realm. The valley features the most premium housing options in a strategic location, covered on a large acre of land.

Do you want to dig deeper into the specifications of EMAAR The Valley? Let’s help you with the community overview for a deeper understanding —


EMAAR The Valley is spread across a pretty huge area, occupying around 200 acres of land. Moreover, the environment here is serene and picturesque, designed to offer you an oasis of greenery and tranquillity.


Another standout feature of the valley is its prominent location, which is just a small drive away from the major attractions of Dubai. Benefit? It serves as an ideal choice for individuals who seek convenience.

Here are some places that are within your close reach —

Dubai International Airport
Dubai Mall
Al Maktoum International Airport
Downtown Dubai
Dubai Marina

Housing Options

EMAAR The Valley has a great set of options that you can choose from based on your housing needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Here are some most prominent housing choices available —

Villas: You will get to see both contemporary and modern 3 to 5-BR villas that are designed to offer high-end luxury and comfort clubbed together.

Townhouses: The ever-stylish 3 to 4-BR townhouses are also available that are ideal for a small family looking for modern living spaces.

Apartments: If you are someone who prefers compact living space, you can choose from 1, 2, and 3 BR apartments that have decent space available.

Perks Of Living In EMAAR The Valley

EMAAR The Valley is a remarkable residential community in Dubai by EMAAR properties. The community is based on the 3 most prominent mottos — running on the most strategic location, providing a variety of housing options, and lastly — a commitment to preserving the environment.

Now, it’s time to explore the top advantages of living in EMAAR The Valley. Here you go —

Topmost Infrastructure

Do you know how amazing the infrastructure development of EMAAR The Valley is? Yes, the place is widely known for its exceptional infrastructure. It is a well-planned area that provides high-quality living to the residents because it has all the modern utilities and connectivity one could ask for. Every big to small component of EMAAR The Valley has been carefully designed to improve the quality of life.

Best Amenities

Once you start living in EMAAR The Valley, you will simply not resist leaving the place that has such an impressive array of amenities. The amenities match every need and preference whether adult or children. it includes everything from parks, gyms, dining areas, pool, and pet play areas to numerous retail units. The vibrant lifestyle can let you access everything right at your convenience.

Proximity To All Areas

EMAAR The Valley is centrally located. It is neither too far nor too close to the hustle and bustle of the fast city. The strategic location is close to the Al Ain Road, offering excellent connectivity to all major areas of Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Whether you want to entertain yourself by going to the downtown district or need some serene desert landscapes, everything is just a short drive away. With a hectic lifestyle, these conveniences matter!

Sustainable Living

Everyone deserves a place that is taking active steps to preserve the environment through sustainable practices. EMAAR The Valley is no exception! The community is fully surrounded by green spaces and landscaped gardens that are functional for oxygen and also look aesthetically pleasing. By living here, you are also reducing your environmental footprint while enjoying a modern-day lifestyle.

Scenic Surrounding

EMAAR The Valley is covered with scenic surroundings that further beautify the whole surrounding. While sitting on your balcony, you can enjoy breathtaking views that are truly irresistible and tranquil. The community is designed in a way that it keeps the natural surroundings in hand which creates an escape from the business of the city.

24/7 Security

Dubai has the most safest and secure environment in the world. The government has played out its security measures in a way that it is fully equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and 24/7 surveillance so that the residents can live with complete peace of mind. This gives them space to live worry-free and enjoy the comforts of your home.

High Appreciation Potential

Do you know? Investing in a property in EMAAR The Valley provides you with the immense potential of appreciation. The properties are not only luxurious but also fully functioning which enhances the overall demand. Therefore, people are not leaving a chance to make a sound investment choice through this.

Top Villas For Sale In EMAAR The Valley

EMAAR The Valley is the perfect location for you if you are looking for an upscale and serene lifestyle. The exquisite community has a lot of unique housing options available that are spacious, modern, and comfortable.

Now, one by one, let’s closely look at some of the top villas for sale in EMAAR The Valley —

EMAAR Rivana

A luxurious waterfront twin villa development that aims to mold your life is called EMAAR Rivana. Townhouses that were well planned, had a modern layout and shared a wall with two duplexes.

EMAAR Rivana recreation areas are intentionally designed with modern aesthetics, indicating that the development’s modern amenities are well-appointed to meet residents’ expectations.

Golden Beach
Pocket Parks
Town Centre
Playground for children
Picnic Areas
Retail & Dining

This magnificent spot is ideally situated in the center of Dubai’s EMAAR The Valley Community. Al Marmoom Heritage Village is only a short drive from this location, from where one may directly access the Dubai-Al-Ain Road.So, if you want to explore more of the neighborhood, this is another excellent community.

EMAAR Farm Gardens

The development of EMAAR Farm Gardens is one you won’t want to leave, and you won’t have to because everything is located there. The sports town, pocket park, and golden beach are located within the elite gated neighborhood.

Your energetic lifestyle is waiting for you in the facilities area, which was expertly created to satisfy all of your recreational and sporting needs. Bid boredom farewell and welcome to a fun-filled life that is ideal for people of all ages.

Food & Beverages
Kids Play Area
Water Splash
Bicycle & Running Track
Playground & Outdoor Gym
Sports Courts
Gourmet Dining

A neighborhood of low-rise, low-density residences develops around a verdant private park as part of EMAAR The Valley. This is a community of homes for people who appreciate the finer things in life.

Nima At The Valley

Nima At The Valley is a residential community that encapsulates peace and tranquillity and allows you to experience joy. You will feel revived, energized, and complete after hearing this amazing message. A magnificent residential development where the rivers inspire life and give it purpose. Its allure and relaxing effects uplift the spirit and produce absolute happiness.

At EMAAR Nima, unwind, ponder, and relax. The Valley is a development with a devoted focus on providing a wide range of top-notch amenities. Prepare yourself for a full night of entertainment, which will include:

Swimming Pool
Jogging Track
Dining Area
Car Parking
Kid’s Play Area

It is strategically located at EMAAR The Valley and offers a completely satisfied lifestyle. The Valley community gives easy access to numerous locations and contains all lifelong amenities. Al Marmoom Heritage Village is conveniently close by and is accessible from here via the Dubai-Al-Ain Road.


EMAAR The Valley is not just a place to live, it is an escape towards a super effective, extraordinary lifestyle. The vast 200-acre area is designed to ensure convenience and accessibility where everything is within close reach.

Also, you will get everything you will ever need from spacious villas, stylish townhouses, or modern apartments. It’s about the upgraded lifestyle through top-notch infrastructure, amenities, proximity to key areas, and a strong commitment to sustainability.

If you are planning to buy a villa in EMAAR The Valley or any other part of Dubai, get in touch with Dubai Housing. We are the professionals in the industry who will offer you housing and investment options right within your preferences and budget.

Don’t wait, connect now!

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